What Nannies Need To Know When Relocating For A Job

In today’s market, many nannies are considering moving to a new city to find a job that pays a higher rate and offers a competitive benefits package. While it can be a great solution to a tough job search, make sure you ask yourself these key questions before making a decision to pick up your life and move.

How much will it cost you to relocate? Before you commit to a family, make sure you figure out how much it will cost you to make the move. If the increase in pay isn’t substantial, it may take you years to break even. Consider how much it will cost you for packing supplies, movers to load and unload the moving truck, gas, insurance, a trailer for your car, and a driver if you’re unable to handle a large truck.

Can you afford to live in the area? Most of the time, a higher pay scale means a higher cost of living. Before you consider looking in a new area, research the area and make sure you can afford to live there. Find out what an apartment or house will cost. Also consider the security deposits needed for housing and utilities. Remember to factor in any increase in everyday things, like utilities, gas, food and entertainment. Other things like health insurance, sales tax rate and state income tax rates can also greatly impact your budget.

What is the nanny market like? Every nanny starts out a new job with the idea that it’s going to last for a long time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some nannies find themselves back in the job market shortly after taking a new job. Sometimes it’s just not a good match with the family. Sometimes the family’s circumstances change and they no longer need or can afford a nanny. Whatever the reason, make sure you’re moving to an area where jobs at similar pay rates are available. If you happen to lose your job, you’ll have a good chance of landing a new one at a pay rate that will support your current budget.

What will your daily commute be? Commuting time is a key element in making a job work over the long haul. Your housing costs will be cheaper the farther you live from the areas where most nanny jobs are located. The trade-off will be a longer commute. Make sure you consider both distance and traffic when figuring how long it will take you to get back and forth to work. Traffic can easily add 60 to 90 minutes to a daily commute.

Are there other things about the area that you like? Once you’re settled in, you’ll want to get out and meet new people, find new things to do, and enjoy your new city. Take the time to visit the area you’re considering to get a feel for what it has to offer. Do the people seem like the kind you’ll fit in with? Does the area offer the kinds of things you like to do (e.g. classes, recreation, performing arts)? Is it an environment (e.g. city, suburban) that you like? Are there other nannies to connect with?

Are you willing to give up all the things you have now? When considering a move, it’s important to think about what you’ll be gaining, but it’s also important to think about what you’ll be giving up. Will you be close enough to regularly visit friends and family back home? Are you leaving a relationship with an aging parent or romantic partner that will be hard to maintain long distance? Will you find an apartment or house like the one you live in now and love? Before taking the leap to move to a new area, it’s helpful to sit down and make a list of all the things you’ll get and give up by moving and decide how important each one of those things are to your overall happiness. Sometimes a better paying job isn’t worth the trade-off.

Do you have the personality to move successfully? Some people easily adapt to new surroundings and see starting over in a new area as a fun challenge. Others aren’t comfortable getting to know new people and hate new circumstances. Your personality will have a lot to do with your success in moving and building a new life. Honestly look at the type of person you are before making the decision to move. It’s much easier if you know others living in the area you’re moving to. That starter community can make all the difference in building your new life.

Moving to find a nanny job in your salary and benefit range can be a smart decision in this tough job market. With a lot of research and a little bit of luck, you can make the leap to a new job and a new home.

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