10 Gifts Nannies Can Give Their Charges

What do you get for the kids who have everything? It can be difficult to find a gift for your charge that is both unique and conveys how much you enjoy watching them. You want your gift to be something special and something they will remember you by. If you’re having trouble pinpointing what to get your charge this Christmas, try one of these 10 gift ideas:

  1. Cook for them.  Keep track of what their favorite dishes and meals are and prepare a special meal that incorporates these foods for them.  Decorate the table and make a specialty drink to accompany whatever meal or dishes are their favorites.  Make sure you take pictures of the event so they will have something to remember it by.
  2. Make a scrapbook.  You spend all day with your charges and take them on many outings, and you likely take pictures to share with your employers anyway, so why not make a scrapbook for each child?  The kids will love to reminisce about all of the good times they’ve shared with you, and a scrapbook is something they can keep for forever.
  3. Create a book for each child.  It’s easier than ever to put together stories and pictures and have them bound into a book.  For example, if you went to the butterfly exhibit, you can include pictures of your charges with the butterflies and create a story that goes along with the pictures.  Use their names in the story so that there isn’t another book like it in the world.
  4. Send away for an autograph.  If your charge has a favorite sports player that he idolizes, you can send a letter off to the player or the manager of the team and ask for an autograph.  Explain who you are and what you are wanting it for and there’s a good chance they will oblige you.  Make sure you tell them the child’s name in case they can personalize it just for him.
  5. Make a pillow.  Making a pillow is easy, and while it may seem silly, it’s a gift that they can keep for a long time.  Personalize the pillow by using her favorite colors and favorite character or activity and add her name.  Make sure the pillow is very cuddly so that it will double as a stuffed toy. 
  6. Sew a quilt.  You can print pictures of your different adventures onto squares of fabric using your own printer or one at a copy center.  Then add a border to the picture blocks and then sew the blocks together.  You can hire someone to add quilting and batting to the quilt top or finish it yourself.  Many times quilt stores are more than willing to help you through the process.
  7. Write a song or poem.  Use your creativity and write your charges an original song or poem.  Print it off on beautiful linen paper and frame it.  Give it to your charges so they can hang it on their wall.
  8. Knit scarves for your charges. If you know how to knit, you can create scarves that incorporate your charges’ favorite colors or that match their coats.  If you don’t know how to knit, you can teach yourself online or attend a class on your time off.  You only need to learn a couple of simple stitches in order to make a scarf.  Then your gift is handmade and customized to your charges.
  9. Go on a special date night.  Tell each child that you will take them on a special outing with just the two of you so that you don’t have to split your attention.  Customize the outing for each kid.  Take her out to lunch and to get mani/pedi’s.  Go to a go kart place or batting cage with him and finish up with banana splits at his favorite ice cream place.
  10. Make a coupon book.  Give each of your charges a coupon booklet that you have made detailing different things that you think they would like.  For example: get out of cleaning your room one time, you get to pick which movie you watch, get to eat candy at snack time, and others that will be specific to your charges.

The most important thing is to personalize the gift if you can.  Take pictures if you’re on an outing so that he will remember the things you did together.  The more useful the gift is, the more often the kids will think of you when they use it.

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